dimanche 28 août 2016

Every Business Needs Someone Who Can Do This — And Here’s How to Become That Person


You can have great data on your customers, site traffic, and retail profits—but it’s useless if you don’t have someone on your team who can make sense of that data and use it to inform your next steps. That’s why there are career opportunities everywhere for data and marketing analysts—and it’s why we’ve put together this bundle.

Learn how to turn data into decisions that grow your company, increase your profits, and attract new customers…and then have your pick of lucrative jobs in the industry. Get the Marketing Analytics Mastery Bundle for $39 at the B2C Shop.

Your first numbers lesson? With this training normally going for $2,700 for all nine courses, this $39 deal for B2C readers is a can’t-miss one if you’re thinking about a career in data and marketing analytics. The info-packed bundle comes with 62 hours of training in the tools and techniques you need to know. Jump in and start mastering:

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– Google Adwords, your secret weapon for targeting potential customers—the ones who are already searching for the solutions your company offers.

– Google Analytics, a must-know tool if you want to gain an understanding of your site traffic—what works, what doesn’t, and how to grow it.

– Salesforce, a powerful tool that takes customer relationship management to the next level.

– Google Charts, which will give a library of pie charts, bar charts, scatter charts, and more. Present your data and findings effectively with help from this tool.

…and plenty more, including courses on conversion rate optimization, analyzing your online marketing strategy, retail analytics, Tableau, and more. This training is packed with 62 hours of content that’ll help you optimize any web business, boost your conversion rate, improve your relationship with customers, create better-performing ads and campaigns, and help customers, investors, and coworkers alike understand your business’ data better.

And did we mention that you’ll get lifetime access to the nine courses? Work at your own pace, and return to the material whenever you need to brush up—whether that’s before an interview or before your next meeting.

Start making room on your resume. Grab the course that will teach you how to turn data into more than just numbers. Launch your data and marketing analytics career here with the Marketing Analytics Mastery Bundle, now $39 at the B2C Shop.

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Every Business Needs Someone Who Can Do This — And Here’s How to Become That Person

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