dimanche 29 mars 2015

WrestleMania 31 Results: The Undertaker Defeats Bray Wyatt


Winner: The Undertaker

At the beginning, Bray Wyatt charged the Undertaker but got caught with a big boot. The Undertaker punched him in the corner and set him up on the turnbuckles. The Deadman hit Old School. However, Bray came back with a shoulder tackle and then clotheslined the Undertaker out to the floor. The Deadman landed on his feet. He then pulled Bray outside and punched him before hitting a legdrop on the apron.

He rolled Bray in and hit Snake Eyes, but Bray rebounded with a kick to the face before he pummeled the Undertaker in the corner. Bray applied a half nelson before punching Taker in the back of the head, then he sent him into the corner before the Undertaker caught him in Hell’s Gate.

Bray broke it and hit a reverse throw and a reverse senton for two, then Bray called for Sister Abigail and mocked the Deadman’s throat slash gesture. The Undertaker blocked and chokeslammed Bray, then he hit a Tombstone but Bray kicked out at two.

The Undertaker went for another Tombstone but Bray countered with Sister Abigail for a two count. The ref started a count but Bray popped up and spider walked to the center of the ring. The Undertaker sat up and dared Bray to challenge him. The two slugged it out before Bray set up Sister Abigail again. The Deadman shoved Bray into the corner. The Undertaker caught him off the rebound and hit a Tombstone for the win.

The Undertaker has started a new streak but at the cost of hurting Bray Wyatt’s momentum. Still, awesome to see the Deadman.

“Bray Wyatt has been calling out The Undertaker for weeks, promising that he will take The Deadman’s soul on The Grandest Stage of Them All. The New Face of Fear will get his wish, as The Phenom has accepted his challenge for Sunday, March 29 in what may be, perhaps, the most frightening showdown in WrestleMania history.

For the better part of a month, Wyatt had been broadcasting mystic missives, leaving the WWE Universe to wonder to whom (or what) he was speaking. At WWE Fastlane, Wyatt made his message a little clearer. Using The Undertaker’s iconic imagery for his own twisted purposes, Wyatt had druids drag him to the ring in a casket, from which he emerged with a devilish smile to issue the challenge. Claiming The Undertaker had become mortal since his Streak came to an end at last year’s Show of Shows, Wyatt said he was no longer afraid of The Phenom, and that it was his mission to send The Deadman “home.”

However, The Undertaker had not been seen or heard from since Brock Lesnar pinned him in one of the most shocking moments in sports-entertainment history, leaving many to wonder if Wyatt’s challenge would go unanswered. The New Face of Fear continued to raise the stakes, setting a casket on fire during Monday Night Raw in hopes of drawing The Deadman out, only to receive radio silence in return. Wyatt stunned the WWE Universe when he revealed that he had come into possession of The Undertaker’s urn, threatening to unleash its mystic power on the WWE Universe.

On the March 9 edition of Raw, Wyatt opened the urn, maniacally laughing as he revealed that it was empty. Yet before Wyatt’s dark sermon could continue, thunder and lightning boomed through the arena as The Undertaker finally made his presence felt. Declaring that Wyatt will rest in peace, The Phenom accepted Wyatt’s challenge and sent a bolt of lightning from the heavens, striking Wyatt’s prized rocking chair and setting it ablaze. Wyatt’s reaction was unusual, to say the least. There was no fear, trepidation or even anger from Wyatt; only tears of joy streaming down The New Face of Fear.”

WrestleMania 31 Results: The Undertaker Defeats Bray Wyatt

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