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Always Be Closing vs. Always Be Helping

pexels-photoIf you’ve ever worked as a salesperson or wholesale distributor, chances are you have probably be told to follow the mantra “always be closing.” But, industry experts now believe this old sales motivational phrase is on its way out, being replaced by the more friendly “always be helping.” What’s the difference between the two? Which one should your sales team use? Take a look:

Always Be Closing

This sales mantra tells salespeople to focus on sales at all times. Under the always be closing method, salespeople should constantly be looking for new prospects, developing pitches, following up with clients and sealing the deal. The idea is that every communication a salesperson has with a client should be driven by the desire to move the client one step closer to the close.

The Problem With Always Be Closing

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The problem with this method is it views clients as objects and does not allow salespeople to focus on building a strong relationship with each person. Clients can view salespeople who adopt this mantra as aggressive, pushy and unfriendly, which are not exactly attractive qualities.

Always Be Helping

Always be helping encourages salespeople to think about how they can help clients instead of how they can push them to close on the sale. This sales mantra requires that salespeople are authentic in their communication with clients, and that they make an effort to get to know the client’s needs and wants. If and only if the product or service is relevant to the client, the salesperson should push forward in the sales process.

The key difference is always be helping focuses on the relationship between the client and the salesperson instead of the dollar amount attached to each client. It focuses more on what a salesperson can do for a client, instead of what a client can do for a salesperson.

Whereas any salesperson could practice the always be closing technique, salespeople need to be thoroughly trained before tackling the always be helping technique. Salespeople must be knowledgeable about the product and its benefits so they can offer as much information as possible to the client. This requires an investment from the sales manager, but one that is sure to pay off if done correctly.

Why It Should Replace Always Be Closing

Buyers have more power now than they did in the past. They no longer have to rely on their sales representative to give them information about products or services, since much of it can easily be accessed online. Because of this, buyers are more selective about who they work with, and they hold the power in the relationship between seller and buyer. Salespeople should no longer be pushing buyers to close with every communication, they should be focused on satisfying the buyer’s needs.

What do you think? Is “always be closing” old news? Should “always be helping” replace it, or is there something better? Which technique will lead to the highest sales? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Always Be Closing vs. Always Be Helping

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